Identify the intrapreneurial organisation
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Company Name: ZARA, Clothing Company


2. Identify the intrapreneurial organisation.

3. Clearly state why this organisation is considered intrapreneurial

4. Identify the associated CV and mode of corporate venturing this assessment will focus on.

5. Discuss how this organisation develops and manages this specific mode of CV. You should consider the following areas:





•Products &/or services

•Unique business formula


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The main motive of entrepreneurs is to take the responsibility of directing an innovative idea into a profitable outcome. As believed they involve their “Secret Weapon” which motivates them to acclaim the risk and process them in an assertive way which will benefit the company as well as the project.

Corporate Venturing is a practice of investing corporate funds by the large enterprises directly in the startup companies. Those big firms take an equity stake in innovation or joint venture agreement so as to provide marketing and management expertise.

The company ZARA is involved in mediating the brands for various popular names and hence maintains the market values. The necessary step to success by the company including the product designing, manufacturing and supplying the market demand are highlighted in the present report.

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