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Enterprise Planning and Implementation Assignment

Assessment Details - You are working as an IS/ICT specialist for a major organization. You are head of the team future digitalization project. Your organization is looking to reduce the investment in IT and enable quicker time to market solutions.

Your manager returns from a conference at which he was given a demonstration on the role of cloud computing in the future of the industry. He is excited about this new technological development and asks you to research the feasibility of changing your organisation from a mostly on premise in-house supported solution model to a cloud based computing environment. He currently shares with you the following concerns:

1. The major investment in the ERP solution which is now 5 years old requires a lot of support and maintenance from skills you currently do not have in-house.

2. There is an aging CRM solution which is not mobile enabled and there is a major upgrade available from the vendor which provides new features and capabilities as well as a cloud computing option with managed services.

3. Recently there has been a lot of hype around the Internet of Things and as part of this you are requested to determine if wearables would be appropriate within the environment and how they could provide greater customer value.

For this assignment, you are allowed to choose any organisation to facilitate the content of the assignment. In this course, there are three components which need to be submitted as a professional business report (each report should be a complete document in its own right) to the chief technology officer of the major organisation.

Business Case - In this professional business report, you must at least cover the following points adequately:

  • Identify the components and purpose of the strategic plan to address the above concerns;
  • Identify the need for changes;
  • Internal change drivers / influencers and assessments;
  • External change drivers / influencers and assessments;
  • Develop a current state of the organization; and
  • Identification of critical success factors (CSF).

Reference no: EM131443420

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You do NOT need to produce a plagiarism report with the assignment. However, the markers will undertake these checks (using any tools that you have access to), and if any integrity issues are found you will be awarded a score of zero and the work will constitute ‘Academic Misconduct’. The assignment submission website will be closed after five working days so that the assignments can be distributed to markers. Any queries regarding these assignments will be closed two working days before the submission date. Email submission will NOT be accepted in any circumstances. The entire report including appendices must be packaged as one single PDF file and then submitted.


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Australian student, need Assignment 1 only, 800 words, if you can give me HD assignment then only take my assignment please as I already failed in my last assignment, need it within next 20-22 hours. Other requirements for all the above assignments - You have the freedom to use any business report-writing format of your choice, as long as the report is professional and presentable. The word count allows for a variation of 5%. The markers will stop reading beyond this. You assume the responsibility to ensure the report you are producing is of high quality.

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