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Today, HR professionals are responsible for programs far beyond the profession's administrative personnel roots. They are expected to measure the success or failure of HR practices based on the achievement of organizational outcomes. Brand identity, bottom-line profitability, employee job satisfaction and increased management focus are all outcomes that can be achieved in part through an organization's total rewards program. This case examines a fictitious M. K. Makey organization and how they align their total rewards programs with their organizational goals and values.
M. K. Makey

Read the Makey Case.

Case Assignment

Address the following questions in a well-integrated analysis:

1. Discuss what is meant by "Total Rewards." Give some examples.

2. Discuss how Makey uses its own products or services to enhance the total compensation for its employees. Is this a common practice in other organizations? Give real-life examples (employers by name). In your educated opinion do you think this is a good idea? Why or why not?

3. Identify the company's internal strengths and weaknesses and how the company responded to these factors from a total rewards perspective.

4. Make recommendations regarding an expansion of the benefits programs offered at the company that would further align HR with the accomplishment of organizational goals and values. Justify your recommendations with outside sources.

Submit your paper by the Module due date. Paper length: 4-5 pages (not counting the cover and reference pages).

Keys to the Assignment

Your paper should demonstrate critical thinking and analysis of the relevant issues and HRM actions, drawing upon the required background readings and relevant sources from your own TUI library search. Use website information sparingly (reputable websites only).

Bring in at least 5 library sources to help strengthen and validate your discussion. Also, bring in actual employer examples (stating employers by name) from your readings/research.

Give authors credit for their work. Cite sources of borrowed information in the body of your paper as footnotes, numbered end notes or APA style of referencing.

Prepare a paper that is professionally presented (including a cover page, a "List of References," and a strong introduction and conclusion).

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The given solution is prepared in MS word document, The essay “Case Study: Makey Company Case Study: Total Rewards Program” is around 1500 words count. It includes the Title page, Table of content, Introduction, explanation, conclusion and references. This is verified solution and answers to all asked questions have been provided.

Reference no: EM131013588

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