Identify the authors purpose for book and its major themes
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The Analysis Paper will be based on a book that you will choose from a list to be provided to you in Week 2. You are to identify the author's purpose for the book, its major themes, principles and concepts, and describe how those themes, principles, and concepts relate to the themes, principles and concepts presented by DuBrin in the text. More details can be found in the Instructor Notes in Week 2.

The paper should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.

For this paper, you are to read one of the four books listed below. You are to identify the author's purpose for the book, its major themes, principles and concepts, and describe how those themes, principles, and concepts relate to the themes, principles and concepts presented by DuBrin in the text. In other words, I want to see at minimum four (4) concepts from your "chosen author" and how they to compare to Dubrin: where they agree and where they don't or if they don't. This is not a book review but rather it is an analysis of an outside reading, and the documentation of that reading's relatedness to the material you have been studying throughout this class.

The paper, submitted as a word document attachment, is to be completed in APA; it is to be between 6-10 pages no more no less (double- spaced pages, 12 point font) in length, and must include, at a minimum:

• an Abstract Heading and Section;
• an Introduction Heading and Section;
• a Discussion Heading and Section;
• a Conclusion Heading and Section and
• the Reference page.

For help and/or support with writing go to the "Resources" drop-down tool found within the "Global Navigation" tool (the Blue Banner) and click on either "Library or "Writing Assistance." And for guidelines regarding APA form and style, there is this wonderful site @ Purdue OWL APA that has examples and instructions.


1. The Purdue University OWL - https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/ (Links to an external site.)

2. The Purdue University OWL APA Style Guide - https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/section/2/10/ (Links to an external site.)

The book you select will need to be obtained from a local library, Webster's library, a bookstore, an online book service such as Amazon.com, or some other book source. I would encourage you to actually purchase the book so you can retain it for future purposes.

DuBrin, A. (2014). Leadership: Research findings, practice, and skills. (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

The Zen leader: 10 ways to go from barely managing to leading fearlessly by Ginny Whitelaw (2012)


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The purpose of the book, “The Zen leader: 10 ways to go from barely managing to leading fearlessly” by Ginny Whitelaw (2012) is to provide the incredible journey via “soul searching” thoughts whereas offering a laser target on the serious leadership questions, as well as “practical exercises” that implant the ability and understanding to make the flip at readers’ heart. Ginny Whitelaw described that leader in today’s’ era face almost impossible and critical tasks. They are forced to perform more with less, innovate quickly, expand globally and inspire broadly apart from that also balance family and work. “The Zen Leader” is not about the encouragement to be peaceful and it also does not recommend how to work faster, harder or overlook the stress. The Zen leader is about the opposite scenario, it is about using the force to push flips in awareness that generate “transformational leaders”, who can generate future with enthusiasm and joy, in spite of force themselves and their team to tiredness. “The Zen Leader” directs the reader through 10 flips that take them from hardly “managing to mastering change”--not by performing extra, zoning out or imagine that one has all the solutions. “Chapter by chapter” the reader learns how to create the flips that create life, leadership, and the world. Ginny insist to find out how you can obtain out of your own means and understand “The Zen Leader” in you. However, The purpose of the book “ Leadership: Research findings, practice, and skills ( 8th edition) is, here DuBrin has provided an ideal steadiness of vital theory and actual world applications, ideal for teachers who take a realistic, talent building approach to coaching “leadership”.

The major theme of the book is a blend of prescription, insight development, skill development and description. The principles of leadership are well defined by Dubrin and as an extremely respected consultant and author, include the most modern research on “leadership and current business practices” from popular periodicals and academic journals. Dubrin also provided the concept of “future leader” via this book as the text offers readers with a powerful practical basis by bring in the leaders they can relate to and strengthen their awareness/ understanding with regular skill building actions. “Leadership: Research findings, practice, and skills ( 8th edition)” has the important updates involving new beginning vignettes as well as end of chapter situations, frequent extra skill-building training, and other experimental activities like role-playing are connected to all the cases mentioned at the end of chapter.

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