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Question: Identify the appropriate production strategy and contracts for the supply chain for the Dell . Be aware that multiple strategies may be employed. If more than one strategy is used, be sure to discuss when the contract approach is used and why.

Determine whether the supply chain sells seasonal or generic products or both. Interview a manager of a retail store in the industry. The goal of the interview is to learn the inventory policies adopted by their store for order quantity, safety stock and reorder level. Write a summary of your findings

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Reference no: EM13873119

How do you develop wide portfolio of products

How do you develop a wide portfolio of products. Pick a sample company for an example. Which products should they develop? What is the right business model for this company id

What is the protection level for the flight

Granite State Airlines also serves the route between Washington, DC (National), and Portsmouth, NH, with a single flight daily. The airline sells both discount-fare and full-f

Suppose the weekly demand of product

Suppose the weekly demand of a product is 200 units on average and the order lead time is 2 weeks. How many kanbans are needed at a single location when we set the smoothing f

Predict the future of venture capital investment activity

Discuss the results of investing based on the stage of growth. Analyze the trends that you believe influenced the investing and the results. Predict the future of venture capi

Faced great risk in their business operations

Do you think society should have allowed banks to fail since they too faced great risk in their business operations? Why save big organizations and not small businesses in fai

State where contributory negligence is the law

Mrs. Robinson (in the Volkswagen Audi case) never establishes residency in Arizona, returns to New York, and files her case in federal district court in New York, alleging div

Corporate policies and organizational leadership

Write a report on the given topic of Corporate policies and organizational leadership1. How effective are the corporate policies to the achievement of the organizational goals

Refuge for several species including lobsters and rockfish

The Southwest Marine Fisheries Center is proposing that a marine reserve be set aside to serve as a refuge for several species including lobsters (benthic species) and rockfis


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