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Question: Identify the appropriate production strategy and contracts for the supply chain for the Dell . Be aware that multiple strategies may be employed. If more than one strategy is used, be sure to discuss when the contract approach is used and why.

Determine whether the supply chain sells seasonal or generic products or both. Interview a manager of a retail store in the industry. The goal of the interview is to learn the inventory policies adopted by their store for order quantity, safety stock and reorder level. Write a summary of your findings

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Reference no: EM13873119

Ethical dilemma

Ethical Dilemma: For generations, the policy of Sears Roebuck and Company, the granddaddy of retailers, was not to purchase more than 50% of any of its suppliers' output. What

Determine sequence that will minimize makespan time

The time required to complete each of eight jobs in a two-man machine flow shop are shown in the table that follows. Each job must follow the same sequence, beginning with mac

Motivate the employees of the small grocery store business

First, you will discuss what motivates you in the workplace, at school, or in your personal life. Then you will identify ways to motivate the employees of the small grocery st

How many customers on average can mikes salon process in day

Assuming that the waiting area always has at least one customer in it, how many customers on average can Mike's salon process in a day (assuming no problems in utilization,

Track customer satisfaction levels

Duff Duff Gardens Amusement Park likes to track customer satisfaction levels. Over a course of 15 days, management asked a random sample of guests whether they were happy or u

Resistance of employers to unionization a new phenomenon

Is the increasing resistance of employers to unionization a new phenomenon or simply a return to the historic relationship that has existed between unions and managements in t

Business and ethical ramifications of relocating

It is clear that senior software engineer candidates from South Asia are highly qualified, and will work by remote from their countries for about the same cash compensation as

Treating risk-risk control and risk financing differ

How do the two basic methods of treating risk-risk control and risk financing differ? Why is risk avoidance not a practical solution to many risks? Why might inadequate planni


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