Identify statutes that aid children as witnesses

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Option 1: Child Witnesses

According to this week's textbook readings, laws have been enacted to protect children and minimize emotional damage when it comes to the use of children as witnesses. For this assignment, address the following items:
Research the history of children as witnesses in court and describe the evolution of legal procedures that regulate practice with respect to child witnesses.

Identify statutes that aid children as witnesses and describe the procedures by which children are aided.

Explain how the process protects children while gathering facts to use as evidence.

Explain how these laws relate to historical reasons why U.S. rules are more restrictive than those established by other countries.

In answering the last question, you may consider evidence law generally, and not only specific to child witnesses.

Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length and include discussion and citation of at least three credible sources other than (or in addition to) the course textbook. You can find these credible sources in the CSU-Global Library. Document formatting and source citations should be in conformity with CSU-Global Guidelines for Writing and APA Style.

Reference no: EM13903607

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