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The field of sociology presents a unique perspective to viewing the world's social problems. Social problems tend to be viewed solely as individual constructs and responsibilities, but sociologists take a deeper dive into the complex set of variables driving the development of these problems using various theoretical perspectives. As these problems surface in individual lives, the workplace, and communities, a sociological perspective is valuable for providing a framework for deeper investigation of variables and limiting personal biases when analyzing problems.

Prompt: Submit a draft of the Research and Approach sections, addressing all critical elements from Sections II and III below. You will use your research to help determine the social variables that have come together to create and sustain your social problem. You should use these variables to brainstorm some potential solutions. As a social researcher, you must also investigate your own biases. Think about why this social problem matters to you or how it impacts you. What stereotypes or assumptions do you have regarding this social problem? How did you learn about these stereotypes or biases? After investigating how your own biases may impact your research, you will select a sociological theory to help you analyze the problem from a theoretical, structured, and unbiased point of view. Use this theoretical lens to help explain your problem.

Specifically the following critical elements must be addressed:

I. Research: In order to further understand the social problem, you will conduct some research on its influences, impacts, and attempted solutions.

A. Identify social variables and determinants that have influenced the development of the social problem and explain their influence. Support your explanations with resources.

B. Explain how the social variables and determinants influencing the development of the social problem vary depending on whether the social problem is local or global. In other words, are the previously identified social variables and determinants influencing the social problem the same or different as the social variables and determinants influencing the social problem in another country. Provide specific examples.

C. Describe attempted solutions to the identified social problem that failed and explain why the attempted solutions might have been unsuccessful, supporting with resources.

D. Describe the attempted solutions which were successful in addressing the identified social problem, or a similar social problem, and identify best practices based on these successful solutions. Be sure to support with resources.

II. Approach: In this section, you will sift through your personal biases, with the aim of limiting such biases in your later analysis.

A. Describe how people generally tend to talk about this social problem and how these approaches are problematic, supporting with resources. What stereotypes, biases, and assumptions are at play?

B. Reflect on your own biases and assumptions around the issue and how these may affect your analysis of the issue. Everyone has certain preconceived notions about social issues. What are yours, and how might they influence your analysis?

C. Explain how you will use sociological theory to limit your biases when you analyze the social problem. How can the theory help you limit your biases? Provide a specific example.

Reference no: EM131440434

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