Identify set of criteria for evaluating accounting theories
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Question 1

Be able to describe, comprehend and apply the process of theory development.

Theories should be evaluated against a criteria for evaluating knowledge.

a) Identify a set of criteria for evaluating accounting theories. Drawing on your understanding of accounting as a system of measurement;

b) Apply the criteria from part a) to the historical cost approach to accounting measurement.

c) Explain whether you think historical cost accounting is a sound system of measurement.

Question 2

Be able to compare and contrast the diverse perspectives which can be used to explain historically the development of accounting; Be able to engage in the accounting discourse including critical analysis of its reflexive role in society

a) Describe the key historical events that have shaped the development of accounting between 1900 - 2014.

b) How do these events support the notion accounting is socially constructed?

c) What arguments and evidence is there to suggest that accounting can influence society?

d) Which perspective do you agree with? Justify your position.

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