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Management in Today's World - management principles are seen in every organizational system existing today. As such top managers are expected to demonstrate the following in their roles within the organization:

Identify relevant management issue,

Explain the rule or theory associated with the identified issue,

Apply appropriate management rules, theories or other knowledge to the identified issue, and

Provide recommendation(s) for future actions or explain the impact of the identified issue on organizational operations.

You are to identify a relevant current management event and in 3-5 pages, apply these four elements to demonstrate your understanding of management issues. Excellent sources are Wall Street Journal, Forbes, New York Times - Business Section, Money, Finance, Marketplace, and Harvard Business Review (HBR) to name a few. All paper must adhere to MLA or APA formatting and will be evaluated according to the rubric provided. If you are not familiar with MLA or APA formatting you are strongly encouraged to go to the Learning Center for assistance in advance of paper submission.

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