Identify relations contradictions and gaps in the literature

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Write a summary paper about the article "Strategic Human Resource Management as Ethical Stewardship".


Literature reviews are a critical analysis of material that has already been published. The goal is to gain an understanding of a particular problem or issue and develop solutions to solving the issue. The role of human resources in organizations is ever evolving and requires one to stay abreast of industry trends and changes. Conducting literature reviews is a means to examine the latest research in the field and to identify opportunities for advancement.

Your literature review should contain the following information and sections:

1) Definition of the problem

What is the problem or issue the article is attempting to solve? How is the issue relevant to what is taking place in today's workplace?

2) Summary of previous investigations

Discuss the previous research on the issue. What impact has past research had on the problem? What is the current state of research?

3) Identification

Identify relations, contradictions, gaps, and inconsistencies in the literature. Explain any relations that are apparent in the article. What impact do these relations have on the problem?

4) Recommendation

Suggest the next step or steps for solving the problem. What would you do? Why would you do it?

Reference no: EM13801782

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