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Part 1 (Ethics) (Fresenius Kidney Care)

Identifying Ethical Challenges Faced by Employees of the Organization for Your Final Project: Working toward Becoming a Socially Responsible Company

Research and review the ethical challenges regarding employees (i.e., diversity, discrimination, sexual harassment, privacy, employee theft, bad leadership, etc.) that your chosen organization has faced over the past five to ten years and that they should prepare to face in the next five to ten years. Once you have developed a list of challenges, consider how having faced those challenges (or knowing that you will be facing them) will impact and be impacted by the social cause you've selected.


In a 3- page Microsoft Word document, present your findings on the ethical challenges faced by your approved global, publicly traded organization in recent history and the near future. Be sure to:

• Discuss ways in which each challenge was (and/or could be) appropriately handled and areas for improvement.

• Investigate and explain the ethical/moral aspects of your organization that have in the past or could in the future protect it from ethical challenges.

• Detail how this information could positively or negatively impact the charitable cause you've selected and how the selection of your social cause could positively or negatively impact the company and its employees

Part 2 Quality Management

Cause-and-Effect Diagram

The cause-and-effect diagram is important in determining causes and effects of a problem. The cause-and-effect diagram is also known as the Ishikawa diagram, or the fishbone diagram. Creating the diagram requires knowledge of causes for a problem and the effect of the problem. This is also a good brainstorming tool.

Read the following scenario and respond the questions that follow in a 3--page Microsoft Word document.

A large farm produces a number of vegetables for sale to the highest bidder (usually buyers who aggregate the produce from lots of small farms and sell the produce to grocery store chains). The farm is receiving complaints about the quality of its produce. More specifically, complaints are being received about the produce being damaged or bruised, becoming inedible too quickly, or not being consistent with the package label (in terms of how much produce is in each box or container).

• Identify potential quality concerns in the traditional areas of machinery, employees, measurements, and materials.
• Organize these quality concerns using a cause-and-effect diagram.
• Recommend potential changes to these traditional areas to attempt to reduce or eliminate the quality problems that are leading to the complaints.

Attachment:- Cause_and_Effect_Diagram_Template.rar

Reference no: EM131394720

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