Identify points 10 diffusion lengths from depletion region

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A voltage Va=23.03(kT/q) is being applied to a step junction diode with n- and p- side dopings of Na=10^17/cm^3 and Nd=10^16/cm^3. Ni=10^10/cm^3. Make a dimensioned log (p and n) versus x sketch of both the majority and minority carrier concentrations in the quasineutral regions of the device. Identify points 10 and 20 diffusion lengths from the depletion region edges on your sketch.

Reference no: EM13277947

Find the internal resistance of the dc power supply

A DC power supply is adjusted to give a no load output voltage of 15 volts with the AC line voltage of 115 volts rms. A full load current of 1A is drawn into the circuit and

What would be the total flux in the core at the flux density

We wish to build a machine with as great a flux density as possible while avoiding excessive saturation in the core. What would be a reasonable maximum flux density for this

Calculate the ampacity required in each armature conductor

A 4 pole DC generator has an armature winding containing a total of 648 conductors connected in 2 electrical parallel paths. If the flux per pole is 0.321 x 10^6 Maxwells an

Give possible allocation of subnets using cidr notation

Allocate this block to 3 different customers. Customer 1 requires a block at least 10 addresses, customer 2 requires 254 addresses, customer 3 requires 2 addresses. Give a p

Determine the equivalent circuit

For the structure of Figure 6.10, continue the analysis beyond the quasistatic extension to obtain the input impedance correct to the third power in . Determine the equivale

What are its voltage regulation and efficiency

The secondary winding of a transformer has a terminal voltage of vs (t) = 282.8 sin 377t V . The turns ratio of the transformer is 50:200 (a = 0.25). If th

Calculate the attenuation loss and total losses

If the EM wave of 10 kW transmitted is hitting a truly reflecting building at 20o and 5m from normal, the coefficient of reflection is r=0.5, at which location the reflected

Describe any compromises or inefficiencies the introduces

Describe how you would use the voltage follower so the output load voltage (as measured with a scope probe) agrees with the value shown on the function generator front panel


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