Identify plant and animal cell structure and functions
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Color Blindness Project

People who are colorblind may be unable to distinguish between the colors of the attach slide. Sex-linked genes are found only on the X or only on the Y chromosomes.

• A color-blind man (cY) will pass his defective allele only to his daughters because only his daughters inherit his X chromosome.

• A heterozygous woman (Cc), although she has normal color vision, will pass her defective allele to half her sons, who will be color-blind

1 A color blindness tests chart will be provide to you, which would be of a high-quality.

2 Administer the color blindness test to at least 100 people. Take data, making sure to note whether the subject seems to be colorblind based on the results. (Please note no NAME)

3 Please administer the color blindness test to two to four of your blood relatives--preferably parents and siblings. 5 pts.

4 Calculate the percentage of your colorblind subject. 5 pts.

5 Calculate the percentage of your non-colorblind subjects. 5 pts.

6 Compare the two results to see whether color blindness seems to have a genetic component. 5 pts.

7 Please create a graph and chart depicting you results. 5 pts.

8 Provide a conclusion for your results. 5 pts.

Describe the relationship between chemistry and the characteristics of living things.

2. Identify plant and animal cell structure and functions.

Describe the relationship between chemistry and the characteristics of living things.

Identify plant and animal cell structure and functions.

Explain the processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration.

Identify the relationships between reproduction, heredity, and DNA.

Understand human organ systems and their basic functions.

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