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Develop and submit at least two (2) performance evaluation dimensions representing each of the EI Competencies (Personal & Social) inclusive of dimension description based on the following sample-

Be sure that your paper identifies a performance dimension focusing on personal competency with respective competency description.

Acceptable competency may include any competency from the three identified categories including:

Personal Competencies-

Self-Awareness (Emotional awareness, Self-Assessment, or Self-Confidence)

Self-Regulation (Self Control, Trustworthiness, Conscientiousness, Adaptability, Innovation)

Self-Motivation (Achievement drive, Commitment, Initiative, or Optimism)

Social Competencies-

Empathy (Compassion, Understanding, or Thoughtfulness)

Social Skills (Communication, Interaction, Appearance, or Gestures)

Be sure that your paper identifies a performance dimension focusing on a social competency with respective competency description.

Reference no: EM131197235

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