Identify one way in which nationalism and human rights

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In the second set of readings for this week we were introduced to two important concepts for understanding the global world today--nationalism and human rights. For your first writing assignment, answer the following three questions with a full paragraph. In each paragraph, the first sentence should stake out a clear claim, idea or position, and the next 6-8 sentences should provide support for it.

1. Based on the discussion in the Snarr and Snarr chapter, what is the most important lesson about nationalism and globalization we learn from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

2. Identify one way in which nationalism and human rights are opposed to each other. Be sure to explain why this conflict exist.

3. How has the idea of human rights shaped the nature of today's global world? Discuss with one specific example.

use book:

Michael Snarr and D. Neil Snarr, eds. Introducing Global Issues, 5th ed.

Reference no: EM131116878

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