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Case Study 1:

As a result of work undertaken during the planning stage and audit evidence collected for the tests of controls stages of the audit, Robert Smith has determined that there is a low risk of material misstatement (low inherent and control risk) for the following account balances:

1. Wages and salaries
2. Electricity
3. Repairs and maintenance

Due to the expected reliability of these controls, Robert has undertaken extensive testing of the controls regarding these account balances, and has concluded that the controls are reliable.

Required: Identify one substantive audit procedure for each of the account balances above that will provide sufficient appropriate audit evidence regarding the accuracy of that account balance.

Case Study 2:

You are reviewing your audit assistant's work for Orange Pty Ltd for the year ended 30 June 2015, and note the following matters:

(1) Your audit assistant undertook a test of controls for 50 sales transactions. This test resulted in three errors. When planning the test, a tolerable error of 5 per cent had been established. The audit assistant's working papers noted that none of the errors found were materials, either individually or in aggregate, and she therefore concluded that the controls were reliable.

(2) Your audit assistant's working papers on the accounts payable testing contain the following notes and conclusion:

a) In order to test accounts payable, I selected all balances over $100,000 and vouched these to supporting invoices. The sample selected comprised $2,565,650 of total accounts payable of $5,168,000. One invoice for $102,500 had been incorrectly recorded on the accounts payable listing, as the goods were not actually received until after year end.

b) Given the error relates to only 4% of accounts payable tested, which would be a total error of $206,702 of the overall accounts payable balance, it is not material as this is less than the materiality level set for this audit and, therefore, no further work has been performed. I am satisfied that the accounts payable balance of Orange is fairly stated.

Required: Comment on the appropriateness of your audit assistant's conclusions in each of the above situations.

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Reference no: EM131061795

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