Identify one or more internal control deficiencies
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Use your experience or research, identify one or more internal control deficiencies in any of the processes in a firm. You can also search the internet to identify an internal control deficiency in a company subject to Sarbanes Oxley Act. I have supplied Amazon but you may use any American company.

Prepare a report that discusses:

(1) The specific internal controls,

(2) The respective control objectives,

(3) The internal control deficiencies,

(4) How the deficiencies can be or were detected,

(5) Appropriate procedures that could have prevented the deficiencies.

The paper should have an introductory paragraph, discussion of the topics indicated above and a concluding statement. Your answer should be original, specific, well-reasoned and supported by appropriate evidence. Do not just quote from web page or recycle a paper. Use appropriate paragraphs; bullet points will not do.

Must be two pages long, single spaced, Arial 10 or Times New Roman 12 font.

Attachment:- Amazon.pdf

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