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Problem. Multivariable Logistic Regression

a. Run a multivarible binary logistic regression model using SPSS and Hypertension as the dependent variable, Chol_Cat, Age_Cat, Obese, and Sex as the Covariates. Include the output in your submission.

b. Identify the Odds Ratio and the significance of the Odds Ratio for each of the covariates. How has the relationship between Chole_Cat and Hypertension changed with the addition of the other variables (compare to the output from # 2)?

c. Test the assumption that the model fits the data using using the Hosmer-Lemeshow Goodness of Fit test. Interpret the Chi Square statistic given in the output of this test and state what it means in terms of the assumptions needed to use logistic regression with this data.

d. Use the save function to create the following new variables: Predicted Probabilities, Deviance Residuals, and Cook's Distance. Evaluate the model using these variables and the following Scatter Plots.

• Create a Scatter Plot of the Deviance and the variable ID: Are there any outliers? What does this mean when evaluating your model?

• Create a Scatter Plot of Cook's Distance and the variable ID: Are there any influential cases? What does this mean when evaluating your model?

• Create a Scatter Plot of Deviance and the Predicted Probabilities. Is there anything in the scatterplot that could cause some concern in terms of you model?

• Discuss the presence of outliers in this scatter plot and what this may mean for your model.

Attachment:- Data.rar

Reference no: EM13932699

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