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Designing appropriate learning activities for students is at the heart of effective teaching. In this assignment you will design a learning activity (or combination of activities) using strategies that incorporate at least one of the seven critical elements for beginning reading listed in your text on page 172 (See attachment). Be sure to include all five of the following elements in the paper.
· Identify the grade level and subject area.

· Define the learning objectives.

· Identify materials necessary to complete the activity.

· Indicate accommodations that might be necessary for culturally and linguistically diverse students.

· Provide a step-by-step lesson plan for implementing this activity.
Explain when in an early literacy program the learning activity would be most effective and support your explanation with at least two references to current and research.

Your paper must be three to six pages, not including the title or reference pages. It must be written in APA format per the Ashford Writing Center Guidelines. Include at least three scholarly resources, in addition to the course text, for a total of at least four scholarly sources.

Must use sectional hearders in paper

Classroom Information

Grade Level and Subject

Learning Objectives

Materials for Activity

Accommodations for Diverse Students

Step-by-step Plan for Activity

Most Effective Time for Activity in Early Literacy Program

Reference no: EM131419335

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