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Background material on the company and relevant case studies on related companies the case, prepare a 2000 - 2500 word report analysing the issues in the case, and identify logistics management strategies to resolve the issues.

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In your report you need to consider :

o The main problems at with the current logistics network in NSW
o How they might be resolved
o What, if any, involvement should the NSW government have in the resolution of the problems

To support your analysis and recommendations, you need to:

o use a minimum of 5 academic journal articles, plus the text supporting your identification of problems and proposals / recommendations to resolve the problems (better marks will be awarded for more than 5).

o link the case elements and discussion / analysis to correctly referenced logistics concepts and models.

o 2500 - word response - word count applies to content only, not title page, table of contents and reference list.

o Responses should include relevant logistics management theories - referenced and their application explained - do not just quote or paraphrase the theory

o Short report format - title page, introduction, suitable headings & subheadings, recommendations, reference list - use Harvard (APA) or Chicago referencing style.

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Reference no: EM13735321

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