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Short Paper: Legal Implications

Research the comments by Donald Kerr, Deputy Director of National Intelligence, before a Senate Intelligence Committee regarding privacy and civil liberties. Do you agree or disagree with his comments and the direction the government is headed regarding information security and privacy? Research the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978. Identify key points as they relate to current issues relevant to the comments made by Deputy Director Donald Kerr. Discuss the implications for future changes or amendments. Have the constitutional rights of a citizen have been challenged by an initiative for gathering information? How would the needs for information gathering been balanced against the rights provided in the Fourth Amendment? Is further legislation needed to ensure this balance?

APA please answer each question.

Reference no: EM131305865

Discuss elements of a cause of action based on negligence

Discuss the elements of a cause of action based on negligence? Make sure that if a part of the elements has multiple components (like causation) that you discuss those too

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Why did the Church split into the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church in 1054?What caused the division between Protestants and Roman Catholics in 1517?Why are there

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Analyze the given facts using ethical concepts or concerns

Schultz decides to not tell anyone about the DNA results unless asked, and instructs the victim/witness to deny the other sexual encounters at trial. Analyze these facts usi

What laws govern arbitration in the u.s.

What laws govern arbitration in the U.S.? In Russia?In your opinion, in which country should the dispute be handled?What are the advantages and disadvantages for Monarch Asso

Why do you feel these methods could result in improvement

What 4 specific methods have you selected that could possibly be used to improve the criminal justice system?Why do you feel these methods could result in improvement?Post a n

Explain social arguments used to support both theories

Examine and explain 2 social arguments used to support both theories. Argument topics include the death penalty and costs of incarceration.Include any philosophical or socia


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