Identify key concepts relevant to family theory case study
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Assignment -

Family Theory Case Study - "Mrs. Mendez"

Read the case of Mrs. Mendez.

Questions -

1. As an advanced practice nurse, identify the knowledge base that you draw upon from the biological, human, and social sciences in the care of Mrs. Mendez and her family.

2. Identify key concepts relevant to the case study.

3. Identify from the middle range theories presented in your textbooks, two inter-professional or middle range theories associated with your concepts of interest, and give a rationale for their selection.

4. Discuss how each of the two selected theories may guide your clinical assessments or interventions for Mrs. Mendez or her family.

5. Explain how knowledge from health related sciences informs nursing practice.

Instructions: Need 850+ words and References: APA.

Attachment:- Case Study.rar

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