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Project Description:

This course project will help students to new directions in information systems and effective approaches for evaluating their relevance and applicability to their business environments as well as the new challenges and problems that they face in adopting emerging technologies. They will learn about emerging technologies and the latest design trends in Information Systems and applications in terms of what issues they address and in particular, how organizations can exploit them for competitive advantage. Students have to write a report explaining how to help their organizations define, select, and adopt new information technologies. It can be a

• Business case for an emerging information technology

• Factors affecting the successful adoption of new information technologies

• Identifying the key attributes, business benefits, risks, and cost factors of a new technology

• Know how to effectively use new technology

• Describe technology trends that presently drive or are expected to drive the selection of new technologies over the next decade

Prepare a report of 15 to 20 pages about the selected emerging technology and submit the report (Hard Copy and Soft Copy via blackboard) in the format specified. Report Submission will be in 12th week followed by presentation in the 13th Week. The report carries 15 marks and power point presentation carries 5 Marks. Schedule of presentations will be notified later. The contents of the report are as follows

Executive Summary
Project Goals
Project Findings
Importance of your Emerging Technology
Features of your Emerging Technology
Organizations affected by your Emerging Technologies

Impact Analysis

Convergence Technologies
Competitive Advantages
Risks versus Opportunity Analysis
Training Needs in Relation to Emerging Technologies
Competencies Required by Emerging Technologies
Emerging Technologies ‘Over the Horizon'
Recommendations to further improve the discussed technology

Format of the Report

Title Page (Name of the Student, ID, Course Name, Course Code, Semester (Fall/ Spring) Logo of
University, Department Name, University Name, Year)
Table of Contents
List of Figures
List of Tables
Main Heading (14 Points, Times font, Center align, bold)
Title (12 points, Times font, left align, bold)
Text (10 points, times font, justified align)
1.5 line Spacing
Similarity should be less than 30 %.

Reference no: EM13978776

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