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1. Identify your product or service.

2. Provide at least two reasons why your product or service example exhibits effective or ineffective influences of the 4 Ps/7 Ps.

3. If the marketing mix has an effective influence on your product or service, explain why it should continue with the current marketing mix, or if it should adjust and why.

4. If the marketing mix has an ineffective influence on your product or service, provide at least two recommendations to make it effective.

5. Justify your response with critical thinking and application of course material.

Consider the PLC of your product or service:

1. Identify its current PLC stage.

2. Include at least two explanations of why it is in that stage.

3. Include at least two recommendations for the product or service to advance to the next stage.

4. If the product or service is declining, should it be saved (extension strategy) or should it be allowed to die out? Why or why not?

5. Apply critical thinking to justify your analysis of the product or service and its PLC.

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