Identify important developments in european policy making

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In this essay you should:

1. Identify important, relevant and recent DEVELOPMENTS in European policy making

2. Identify the debates and academic authors in the discipline that address these developments

3. Understand and apply the main theoretical approaches covered in the course to analyse EU politics

4. Critically assess these approaches by drawing on the secondary literature on Euro- pean policy making as well as empirical evidence and data

5. The blog post is also intended to assess your study skills. Your answers should demonstrate your ability to:

6. Draw selectively on a range of relevant material, including existing literature on EU policy making, official documents, contemporary news sources, data, and the internet

7. Understand, analyse and critically assess that material

8. Use the material to make and SUSTAIN a well-structured line of argument

9. Write in a concise and cogent style - The 1000 word limit forces you to prioritise information and think carefully about how to make a point in a relatively short amount of text.

Reference no: EM13765995

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