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To prepare for this Assignment, you will examine the "Forever U. Case Assignment," provided in this week's resources. Prepare a needs analysis to assess an employee's current skill level. Based on the needs analysis, address how to improve the performance of the mailroom specialist and the administrative assistant in their current jobs. Identify how to sustain good performance levels and how to prepare the employees for continued advancement.

Complete this Assignment by preparing a 4 - to 5-page paper, following the guidelines below:

•Use the Developmental Plan Form from Case Study 8-1 in your course text as a reference and draw upon the development needs listed below.

- Development Need 1: Explore ways to communicate urgency and priority to mailroom specialists to reinforce their accountability for correct processing of packages.

- Development Need 2: Investigate process control systems in order to incorporate them into mailroom processes and performance management.

•Complete the needs analysis, identifying the employees' skill level.

•Prepare two development plans (one for the mailroom specialist who accepted the package and one for the administrative assistant who delivered it to the mailroom).

- Ensure that each employee development plan is in line with the direction of the company and the personal goals of the employee.

- Include these employee development plans as a specific part of the plan.

Reference no: EM131132037

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