Identify how culture is transmitted
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Your goal this module is to identify how culture is transmitted. For this, you will first investigate your family or personal history to see how culture is transmitted at the micro-level. Next, you will apply your findings to strategies you can use to transmit your company's culture to a new employee from abroad. The entire paper should be 4 pages.

If you are in contact with them, start by interviewing your family members, especially oldest relatives. If you do not have connections to family, consider how you were raised and how your personal culture was developed. While family is typically the primary influence on our upbringing, for many reasons, you may be limited on access to those that raised you- consider the influences that are appropriate for you.

Find out or consider what aspects of culture (important celebrations, music, food, languages spoken, etc.) were passed on from the older generations or other connections to you. Where do these aspects of culture originate? Is what you learned similar or different from the original culture?

Then, using what you have learned by investigating your own family, suggest ways in which you can transmit your corporation's culture effectively to a new employee from the United Arab Emirates. Back up your suggestions with evidence from at least two sources.

The discussion of your personal/family history should be about two pages, and the discussion of how you can transmit your company's culture to the new employee should be an additional two pages. The complete paper should be four pages and should use correct APA formatting.

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