Identify historical and contemporary models of leadership

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Clo# 1: Identify historical and contemporary models of leadership.

Clo# 2: Test the concept and use of empowerment in leadership and recognize the value of servant leadership.

Clo # 3: Discuss the responsibility and privilege of leadership including moral and ethical decisions and the use of authority and power.

II. Guidelines for writing the project

- Think of one example of a good leader, select wise and practical leader e.g(political, business, social leader,..) . Give reasons why he/she is a good leader.

- Write a brief Biography and historical analysis that explain the origins and significance events of the leader.

- Explain the main qualities of this leader that affect success in five aspects of his life, with examples.

- Clarify the leadership style of this leader; support your analysis with examples.

- Describe effective leadership behaviors of this leader according to the Three-Dimensional Taxonomy (Task-Oriented Behaviors, Relations-Oriented Behaviors, and Change-Oriented Behaviors) through mentioning critical incidents.

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Reference no: EM13861202

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