Identify five key resources needed for a global start up
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Assignment: International Business Class

Part 2

How does culture impact business?

Part 3

Define reserve currency. Which world currency is the reserve currency? Why?

Part 4

What is an offshore financial center? What is the most often purpose of offshore financial centers? Identify 3 tops offshore financial centers.

Research Paper

You will select a country not already selected by a classmate. For Part I of the paper, you will gather a number of questions on your chosen country, and for each piece of information you will need to cite the sources used and include a bibliography. The questions are listed in the Content area of the course.

For Part II of the paper, you will answer four questions about your country of choice. For each question you will write a minimum of a two paragraph analysis in narrative form. These questions, along with more detailed instructions for the Research Paper are available in the Content area of the course.

Note: You must complete the Plagiarism Quiz with a minimum score of 90% before you will be able to view the Dropbox folder to submit this assignment.

Research Paper Bibliography and Mechanics

Each item for Part I needs to include a citation and a complete bibliography is required. This part of the assignment is worth 4 points. Criteria include credibility and date of the resources along with proper citation and bibliography format.

Part II of the paper is written with headings in narrative form. The writing analysis is worth 10 points. The writing analysis will include: proper use of thesis statements, paragraph and sentence structure. Proper utilization of grammar, including punctuation, spelling, subject, and verb usage will be analyzed. In order to earn all 10 points, the paper should be error free.

Part 5

Identify 2 risks 2 benefits associated with exporting?

Part 6

Identify 5 key resources and capabilities needed for a global start up.

Part 7

Describe the difference between a base salary, bonus, and gainsharing. Identify 3 factors considered when setting a pay level for a particular job.

Part 8

Identify 3 processes involved in supply chain management. You are going to build a plant overseas, identify 8 factors you would take into account when making this decision.

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