Identify factor that discourage proper food safety behavior

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1. Identify the factor that would discourage proper food safety behavior.

Facilities without accessible sinks and environmental resources
The use of multiple thermometers in production areas
Workspace design for proper cooling and holding of foods
Training program for handwashing and glove use

2 . On May 24th a foodhandler prepares a batch of chili using beans prepared on May 21st. In order to limit the growth of harmful pathogens, what discard date should be put on the label and why?

May 25th, because the blending of previously cooked and freshly prepared ingredients limits the shelf life to 24 hours
May 27th, because the seven day shelf life is measured from prep date of the beans
May 28th, because prepared PHF are only allowed a 5 day shelf life
May 30th, because the seven day shelf life is measured form the date of the chili

3. Foodhandlers who wear fingernail polish pose a hazard to food safety because the polish

is often on nails that are too long.
may cause a chemical reaction.
covers dirt under the nail.
doesn't look professional.

Reference no: EM13181074

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