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In your post indicate which one of the research topics you will be writing about in your research paper.

Choose from one of the following topics:

The Ethics of Capital Punishment: The paper should minimally present arguments both for and against the death penalty with a focus on the ethical systems that tend to support the various arguments presented.

Officer Misconduct: The paper should identify and provide examples of police or correctional officer misconduct, with a thorough examination of the possible causes of the behaviors exemplified and suggest options an organization might consider as a way of reducing such instances.

Use of Force: The paper should identify the various methods used by police or correctional officers in overcoming resistance in arrest or control situations, taking into consideration the Use-of Force Continuum, and identify potential responses to "expected" or "unexpected" consequences from the pubic or judicial system as a result of employing such tactics.

Sentencing System Reform: The paper should identify the various systems used in the sentencing of offenders and discuss the effectiveness of such systems. The discussion should take into account the ethics of sentencing disparity and present possible options for reducing such inconsistencies.

Ethical Considerations in Maintaining A Safe Homeland: The paper should identify the various methods used by the government and local law enforcement agencies in identifying and responding to the domestic and international terrorist threat. Ethical considerations, as well as impacts on personal liberties of such tactics should be examined when presenting the various arguments.

Reference no: EM131428368

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