Identify evolutionary status of an architectural technology

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Case Analysis: Case II-3 Making SMal Big: SMal Camera Technologies

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Case II-3, Making SMal Big: SMaL Camera Technologies

"Making SMal Big: SMaL Camera Technologies" is a case study of an innovative product that made significant profits in the first year but then quickly was attacked by competitors. This case study discusses the evolution and technology of the product in detail. It ends with five different options for technological and business strategy, along with pros and cons of each strategy.

1. How can dreams of annual revenues past $100 million by senior management hamper wise technological strategy decisions?

2. Are the SMaL camera units of technology easily copied?

3. Was it strategically wise to go to the CES show prematurely and show off the SMaL camera concept?

4. Is it a good strategy to have external marketing for the SMaL camera?

5. Is it a good strategy to have only external manufacturing of the SMaL camera?


Completing this activity will enable you to :

1. For an existing innovative technology:

a. Identify appropriability regimes, paradigmatic phases, complementary assets, and fundamental units of technology

b. Identify determinants of success

c. Identify the evolutionary status of an architectural technology

d. Evaluate the success of an innovative technology


1. Read: Case II-3, Making SMal Big: SMaL Camera Technologies (pages 350-363)

2. Answer Case II-3 Assignment questions and return answers in the assignment drop box.

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This article describes the SMal Camera Technology. The article traverses around the aspects of discussing management strategies of technology. It also describes its Marketing strategies. The article is prepared in Microsoft Word.

Reference no: EM131271510

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