Identify elements of an organizational culture

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Question: In this assignment, you will write a short (1-2 page), opinion paper. The paper is informal in that it is based on your own experiences and opinions. It is not necessary to reference outside resources or to include a cover page or reference list. However, you should critically reflect on your personal experiences and/or apply what you have learned in the module to your current practice. Justify and explain your responses with examples and thorough explanations.

More info: The Speed of Trust, Part 4

Submit the completed assignment by end of day Sunday of Module 4.

Overview: The Third, Fourth, and Fifth Waves and Inspiring Trust

Once you appreciate the value of trust, in both personal and professional relationships, you need to consider how you could rectify a situation in which trust was lacking. How do you gain, regain, or retain trust? This assignment is designed to encourage you to think about what you might do in various situations to develop trust.

This assignment is worth 15 points.


• Examine dynamics of interpersonal and organizational communication that affect implementation of the collaborative nursing roles.

• Utilize the critical thinking process in problem solving and decision making.

• Identify elements of an organizational culture.


Before completing this assignment, read the fourth and final sections (pages 233-316) of Covey's The Speed of Trust.

Reference no: EM132280083

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