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Examine Socicultural factors / Identify Economic Environment and Compare and Contrast

Paper 1:

The papers will be on the same company ‘Apple, Inc.

The papers will be Examine the Sociocultural factors and how those factors affect their chosen company using their identified Domestic and Global environments.

Working with your chosen least admired company (APPLE INC) and its industry and complete the following:

1. Identify Domestic and Global Environments (countries) that are in opposing cultural clusters (as identified in International business: theory and practice) identify which cluster(s) your two countries fit.

2. Identify the socio-cultural parts of each country as related to business for your company.

a. You will need to examine these with the aid of Geert Hofstede (see resources).

3. Identify and discuss the various sociocultural aspects of each country. Do they differ? How? What are the similarities?

4. How would these factors affect your company's business in your Domestic and Global Environments (countries)?

5. Research requirement: minimum 2 scholarly sources PLUS the text and Hofstede.

6. Page requirement: 3 pages in APA format.

Paper 2:

Using your chosen company's (APPLE INC,) domestic environment identify its economic environment and compare and contrast it using Rostow and Galbraith (see lesson plan and resources).

2. Repeat the same for the global environment you have identified.

3. Research requirement: minimum 3 scholarly sources PLUS the text.

4. Page requirement: 3 pages in APA format.

Given two economic theories, the student will compare and contrast each theory using the company's Domestic and Global environments.

Reference no: EM131432495

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