Identify diverse hr functions that may incorporate an hris
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Assessment Task

Development and discussion on HRIS
Word limit: 1500 words


This assignment is designed to test the students on their ability to:

• Reflect critically on current management theories and practice.

• Identify the diverse HR functions that may incorporate an HRIS and explain how these functions would utilise HRIS with reference to a specific job/ category of jobs in an organisation.

• Analyse and critique the theoretical and applied approaches to HRIS in workplace practice.

• Analyse and critique the process of developing and effectively utilising HRIS in modern organisations.

Assignment Requirement
You are required to prepare a report which critically analyses how technology (specifically HRIS) is being utilised in two (2) HR functions in an organization and apply that to the organization of your choice that you are analyzing for this assignment.

In preparing your work, you need make certain the following directives are adhered to;

1) The organisation of choice needs to be a real company with operations in Australia and/or overseas.

2) Your paper will need to identify how technology is currently being utilised in your chosen HR functions, how it may be used in the future, and apply your findings to the organisation of your choice.

3) The two HR functions you choose to analyse can be amongst functions such as; recruitment, selection, induction, training, career planning, industrial relations, occupational health and safety, etc.

4) It is recommended that you select a specific job and/or job classification within your choice organisation and apply points 1, 2 and 3 to that specific job and/or job classification. For e.g. If your choice organisation is QANTAS, it is recommended to look at Flight Engineers as a specific job within the choice organisation and analyse the effects of HRIS on 2 HR functions related to Flight Engineers.

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