Identify different professional roles in assessment process

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1. Pages 35-41 of Assessing and Guiding Young Children's Development and Learning outline four general decision-making categories of assessment. Briefly, summarize each of these. Identify when assessment for each category is most likely to be effective.

2. Using the website listed under the Resources as an example, research a Child Find Project in the state where you live and identify the different professional roles in the assessment process.

3. The position statements, published by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), "Where We Stand on Curriculum, Assessment and Program Evaluation" and "Screening and Assessment of Young English-Language Learners" outlines recommended standards for developmentally appropriate and authentic assessment in early childhood. Review these standards, and explain, providing examples, how these standards can be used to ensure that appropriate assessment practices are in place.

Reference no: EM13994696

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