Identify constitutional limitations in criminal cases

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Identify Constitutional limitations in criminal cases

Describe and identify the elements of the different categories of offenses such as inchoate crimes, crimes against persons, property, public morality, white-collar and cyber crime

Brief a criminal case

Assignment Guidelines

Address the following in 750-1,000 words and include at least 3 credible resources with in-text cites: Make connection to the US Constitution and Amendments.

Read and brief the case of Kennedy v. State, 323 S.E. 2d 169 (Ga. App. 1984).

Your case brief should follow the format below:

Title: Title of the selected case

Facts: Summary of the events, court timeline, evidence, and so forth

Issues: Issues that were present in this case

Decisions: The court''s decision and the conclusion to the case

Reasoning: The rationale behind the final decision

Dissenting opinions: Any dissenting opinions and an explanation of what they were and why they were raised

Why was the defendant in Kennedy v. State convicted of arson? Explain in your own words.

Compare and contrast the crimes of burglary, breaking and entering, and home invasion.

Research state laws to provide definitions for each.

How are they similar? Explain.

What sets them apart? Explain.

In common law, larceny was defined as the taking of another person's property or the interest in another's property. Although larceny is still used in many states today, it has been greatly expanded to include other theft expenses.

Identify at least 3 related theft offenses that developed from the offense of larceny. Discuss your identified offenses, and provide examples to support your arguments.

Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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Reference no: EM13825817

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