Identify any one provision of the patriot act

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Identify any one provision of the PATRIOT Act that is considered potentially unconstitutional. Explain the objection. Do you agree that the provision is unconstitutional? Why or why not?
If you could modify the PATRIOT Act, what changes would you make? 250 word max 

Reference no: EM13178930

Essay on the juvenile justice issue

Write a 5-8 page essay written on the juvenile justice issue. The paper will consist of three parts: (1) introduction and description of the issue, (2) a discussion of both

Discuss the null hypothesis can or cannot be rejected

A researcher analyzed the results of an experiment and found that the obtained t -value (on a t -test of independent means) was 1.29, with a total of 25 children in group 1


You're the administrator on call for a local hospital and you receive a call at 2:00 a.m. from another local hospital regarding a patient with a broken upper arm.

What possible explanations can you propose

ADHD is diagnosed far more commonly in the United States today than in the past and far more in the United States than in Europe. What possible explanations can you propose? A

The promise of phenomenology

Do your best to explain what you think Wood means by "the promise of phenomenology," "the broad horizons of the natural world," and "the articulations and relations of things.

Justification your reconstruction and interpretation

Reconstruct arguments based on your understanding and interpretation of the rhetorical aspect of the passages that follow. In each case be prepared to offer justification your

Unusual patterns of movement and bizarre postures

Characterized by unusual patterns of movement and bizarre postures. Their behavior may show excessive, repetitive activity, not related to the events around them (and thus app

Describe relationship between personality types as measured

How would you describe the relationship between personality types as measured by diagnostics such as The Big 5 and being an effective ‘sense maker’ for your organisation?


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