Identify any ethical issues involved in data collection

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- Provide feedback to your colleague below on his methodology and methods, suggesting ways of refining his choices or considering alternatives.

- Discuss the challenges you foresee in employing his chosen data collection methods and how he can overcome these challenges.

- Identify any ethical issues involved in data collection using his chosen methods and discuss how these could impact the validity of his findings, as well as how he will address these issues.

- Be sure to include references to all sources in Harvard Referencing Style.


My research methodology to analyze the impact of motivation on salesforce to improve performance, a case study of "Wema Bank Plc' a fully quoted company under the Nigerian stock exchange company would be conducted in line with various research methodologies as discussed byEasterby-Smith (2012).

I will be going the route of quantitative (this is the conversion of observations to data via inferential analysis to draw conclusion, which validates or negates existing notion about a belief or established hypothesis (Easterby, 2012)), analysis to test the hypothesis of assuming that; financial reward is a major motivational factor for salesforce to improve performance in terms of meeting budget.

Wema Bank Plc is present in 138 locations across Nigeria, with Fifteen (15)zones, Six (6)regions and three (3) directorates. The Bank has about 1,200 employees with the ratio of 60:40 in terms of operations staff to sales/ marketing staff.

I will select and administer survey questions to a randomly selected sales staff using "cluster Sampling" (Easterby, 2012:227) across the zones, regions and directorates in the Bank with the adopted cluster sampling approach, to give fair representation to all geographical location in the bank and cognizance of their environmental peculiarities in validating this assumption or otherwise.

Obviously, some of the responses would elucidate some qualitative observations, which would form some soft forms in the opinion of respondents across the research work. This however can form basis of study in a later future for review.

Over the years, there have been a growing concern amongst salesforce and marketing managers on how to motivate the sales team to a better performance, several contention to juxtapose financial reward been linked directly to improved performance in this area. This research will help test some of these argument and pitch tent for the case study been considered at least, would relevant to the environment.

The impact of career growth motivation and fear of job loss would also be considered in the analysis of this research work. Multiple regression technique to infer various arguments would be adopted to aid simplistic interpretations of various observations from the gathered data.


- Crotty , M., (1998) The Foundations of Social Research: Meaning and Perspective in the Research Process, London: Sage Publications.
- Easterby-Smith, M., R. Thorpe, & P. Jackson, (2012) Management Research, 4th edition, London: SAGE Publication

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The solution is about the critical analysis of the article provided Research methodology review : motivation to improve sales-force performance : A case study of Wema Bank Plc. In the given article quantitative methodology is used for research and the solution has provided the feedback on it, with challenges and ethical issues. harvard style of references provided, Times Roman 12 point.

Reference no: EM131206689

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