Identify and scrutinise appropriate hr data sources

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Learning Outcomes:

1 - Know how to identify and scrutinise appropriate HR data sources.

2 - Be able to conduct small-scale research and analyse the findings..

3 - Know how to deliver clear, business-focused reports on an HR issue.

Assignment Summary:

You are required to develop a proposal for a research project for an organisation of your choice and that you are familiar with.

The proposal should include:

• a brief description of the research project and issue under investigation and an analysis of good practice in relation to this issue

• identification of the key stakeholders and why and how they might be interested in or affected by this study

• the key sources of secondary research and an evaluation of their contribution to the study

• the key methods of collecting primary data and their relative strengths and weaknesses

• an outline of how you might present the findings

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Reference no: EM13739945

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