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Identify and research a mutual fund, or an exchange traded fund, that focuses on equities.You may want to go directly to an investment company website such as Fidelity, PIMCO, Vanguard, Pioneer, State Street Global Advisors (for SPDRS), ProFunds, Direxion Funds or any one of your choosing.

Provide a one page analysis of the fund that summarizes key items.Attach an exhibit as well.

This should include investment objective; strategy and/or investment policy statement;investment style; investment process for identifying, selecting and monitoring securities;sell discipline for securities;Top 10 holdings;investment (time) horizon;risk management;expected return goal;total fund assets (size of portfolio);turnover ratio;number of holdings;fee structure;fund characteristics such as portfolio beta, Sharpe Ratio, standard deviation; and any comments on investor suitability for the fund.

In addition, what does the fund state about actual returns for the fund over 1 year, 3 years, and 5 years?What are the returns before fees and after fees, as disclosed by the fund?

What is the appropriate benchmark this fund should be compared to?Did the fund do better or worse than the benchmark?

If you find that some items are not disclosed, simply list those that were excluded.

Conclude with two sentences addressing:

Whether you view the fund's disclosures to investors as adequate or inadequate.

Whether the fund adheres to its objective and discipline.

Reference no: EM13194784

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