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Step 1: Assess the Company's Human Resources Competitive Position

Leveraging the work completed in the Individual Assignments for Units 2 and 3, assess the company's human resources competitive position. Be sure to evaluate the company's position within the industry and among its comparator group.

Step 2: Identify and Evaluate Human Resources Risks and Opportunities

Leveraging the work completed in the Individual Assignment for Units 1-3, identify and evaluate the company's human resources risks and opportunities. At least 3 risks and 3 opportunities should be included in your evaluation.

Step 3: Assessment of the Company's Human Resources Competitive Position

Based on analysis of information obtained in Steps 1-3, prepare a professionally written report assessing the assessment of the company's human resources competitive position, risks, and opportunities suitable for presentation to the senior executives of the company. Your report should present the information listed below. The body of the report should be 8-10 pages excluding title, references page(s), and any appendices.

Industry Competitive Position

Comparator Group Competitive Position

Human Resources Risks (minimum of 3)



Human Resources Opportunities (minimum of 3)



Overall Assessment of the Company's Human Resources Competitive Position

Reference no: EM131381264

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