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The questions below are based on mini-cases of real-world business information systems. The first two bullets are links to a single mini-case each.

The third bullet links to multiple mini-cases, from which you are to select two mini-cases, per the instructions below. The fourth and fifth bullets are publications you will search for, per the instructions below. These last two publications also each contain a single mini-case.

Address the 3 questions below, in the context of each of 3 mini-cases altogether.

· 2018 NASCIO State IT Recognition Awards (discuss the mini-cases of the award 'RECIPIENT' organizations in any TWO categories.)

· Method and System for Presenting Business Intelligence Information through Infolets (look up this article on the US Patent and Trademark Office Website


1. Each information system above doesn't neatly fall into a single IS category such as TPS, MIS, DSS, ESS, ERP, SCM, CRM, KMS, collaboration environments, GIS, GDSS, etc. Rather, most seem to possess functionalities from more than one category. Identify and discuss the multiplicity of these categories for each mini-case.

(As a hypothetical example, one particular mini-case may describe a system that primarily appears to be a DSS for mid-to-upper-level managers working in finance and accounting, with other functionalities that resemble an MIS designed for lower-to-mid-level managers in sales and marketing. Your answer will need more elaboration and discussion, of course.)

2. Each system assists its respective users with decision-making in their work environments. In what stage(s) of their decision-making (Figure 12-2 in the textbook) does it provide them with assistance -- intelligence stage, design stage, choice stage, and/or implementation stage? Discuss and justify your answer.

(Address how each completed, implemented system is proving useful, not the process by which it was conceived and acquired/built.)

3. Each system above is probably interconnected/linked to other information systems in its organization. Although the mini-cases themselves do not address this aspect, from your understanding of organizations, business processes, and systems, describe some possible/likely examples of such interconnections for each system. Explain your reasoning, while explicitly stating any assumptions.

Reference no: EM132281188

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