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SCENARIO - Opening a New Hotel

You are part of an exclusive hotel group that has a strong reputation for boutique luxury hotels in the capital city. Having recently disposed of a successful hotel in the capital, the directors wish to reinvest the funds by branching out to another large city within reasonable travelling distance of the capital city. Your team is responsible for the acquisition, refurbishment and opening of the new hotel. You have to acquire a suitable building, plan the capacity, services, décor and branding to launch the new hotel. It need not be an existing hotel, but has to have the potential for between 25 and 40 up-market rooms and suites in an area that assures a high level of occupancy.

The Submission

The submission consists of three elements:

• Business Case Presentation

• Critique of two project management planning tools

• Critical review of a current debate in the project management literature

Part 1: Business Case

To complete the PowerPoint presentation, Produce a single PowerPoint document. Your PowerPoint slides should contain notes if needed. These entries include:

A. A definition of the project scope, aims and objectives (3 PowerPoint slides). Slides should be titled "Project scope, aims and objectives"

• Review the assigned scenario

• Research the topics in the scenario, and add detail and assumptions to the scenario to further define it.

• Identify the project scope, and create aims and objectives for the scenario

B. An analysis of stakeholder groups, stakeholder issues and stakeholder management strategies (3 PowerPoint slides). Slides should be titled "Stakeholders Analysis"

Perform a stakeholder analysis for your scenario, including the following:


• Primary Stakeholders: those ultimately affected, either positively or negatively, by the project.

• Secondary Stakeholders: the intermediaries, those who are indirectly affected by the project.

• Key Stakeholders: those who have significant influence upon a project, or significant importance within the organisation.


• Stakeholder Issues: problems that may arise with various stakeholders.

• Stakeholder Management Strategies: a plan to address stakeholder issues.

C. An analysis of project tasks and phases using key project management planning tools (4 PowerPoint slides)

• Identify and briefly describe the project planning tools you would use for your scenario (1.PERT and 2. Gantt Charts), explaining why you would use each one. Be specific and use examples to support your answer.

• Perform a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Gantt analysis for the project in your scenario.

• Create two Microsoft PowerPoint slides, one titled, ‘Work Breakdown Structure', and the other titled, ‘Gantt Analysis', and include information from the WBS and Gantt analysis you performed.

D. Proposed key performance indicators that could be used to monitor the project's performance

•Develop a budget template for the project in the scenario. Tutor Globe please note- I have already done a sample budget. Please rework on the budget. See attached
• Develop a BSC which includes your suggested KPIs in the four BSC categories for the project in the scenario
E. An analysis of risks involved in the project and proposed risk mitigation strategies

• Identify risk drivers in the project and the risks associated with each.
• Explain how the risks you identified could impact the project, and propose strategies to mitigate each risk.

F. 2 Slides highlight specific attributes that would help in securing funding for the project plan.

Part 2: Critique of two project management planning tools:

Use the 1.PERT and 2. Gantt Chartsas the two project management planning tools:

To complete the critique, compose an essay of approximately 1,500 words that includes:

1. An introduction explaining what project management planning tools are and how they can positively and negatively impact a project.

2. A description of the two project management planning tools you selected, including a brief explanation of why you find these tools interesting or relevant to your work.

3. An analysis and critique of the two tools, including:
o Strengths: How the tools you selected might aid your understanding and experiences with managing projects.
o Limitations: How the tools might make managing projects more challenging, and ways to overcome those challenges.
o A comparison of the two tools as appropriate.

4. A conclusion summarising your thoughts on the project management planning tools you selected, including any insights gained from completing your critique.

5. References in Harvard format.

Part 3: Critical review of a current debate in project management literature:

To complete the critical review, compose an essay of approximately 1,000 words that includes:

1. An introductory paragraph identifying the current debate you selected and why it interests you.

2. A section critically reviewing the debate as presented in the article.

3. A conclusion explaining how you think the current debate could be resolved in the future.

4. References in Harvard Format.

Impact of organisational structure and culture on projects


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Table of Contents

Part 1: Business Case 2
Introduction 2
Overview of the Project 2
Project Scope, Aims and Objectives 4
Identification of Stakeholders 5
Analysis of Stakeholder Management 5
Stakeholder Issues 5
Stakeholder Management Strategies 5
Project Planning Tools 7
Gantt and Work Breakdown Structure Analysis 7
Key Performance Indicators 8
Resources related to Risk Assessment 8
Impact of Risks on Project 10
References 11
Appendix 12
Part 2: Critique of Project Management Planning Tools 14
Introduction 14
Description of Project Management Tools 14
Analysis of the Tools 15
Strengths 15
Limitations 16
Comparison 16
Conclusion 17
References 18
Part 3: Impact of organisational structure and culture on projects 19
References 21

Part 1: Business Case


This business plan is being presented for the project of investment on development of a new hotel as an expansion for The Jefferson Hotel in the capital city of United States of America, Washington D.C. The Jefferson Hotel is known for its reputation as an excellent boutique luxury hotel in the capital city. There will be reinvention of funds as the hotel will be branched to a different city will be at a reasonable distance of travelling across the capital city.

The plan is being established for the opening, refurbishment and acquisition of the new hotel. The plan will be established for acquiring a suitable building, planning the décor, services, capacity and branding for launching the new hotel. This project will be integrated fully and in comprehension of standards set by five star hotels across the globe.

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