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Assessment which is related to business society and ethics. Word limit is 2000words

1. Uproar in India's 'Valley of Gods' over green ruling: ( 25/8/2015)

Part A: 2000 word-written report

Answer the questions and points below as they apply to the topic you have chosen from

1. Present the Case Study. Identify and analyse the issues and the implications.

For example: What is this about? What are the key issues? Who is involved?

2. Discuss the issues in your case study in the context of Ethics studied this semester.

Examples Listed:

  • Milton Friedman's doctrine on the goal of a firm


  • Morality


  • Ethical Theories


  • Environmental Issues


  • Self Interest/Personal Gain


  • Social Media


  • Triple bottom line


  • the Whistle-blower


  • CSR narrow view and broad view


  • loyalty,


  • abuse of power,


  • role of bribery

3. Discuss the legal and social framework? What implications/remedies are available?

NB: Valley of Gods case Study:

Compare India's legal issues and responses to what would be the case in Australia including the legal issues associated if it was in Australia.

2. What steps would need to be put in place to:

• combat and minimise the risk of future unethical or immoral practices
• enhance its reputation, corporate governance and or CSR systems

Part B: Presentation

Important Note:

• You MUST submit this assignment via turn tin on Moodle to receive marks. A hard copy may be provided to highlight certain aspects of your presentation, but it is not compulsory.

• Please enter the student ID's of BOTH students in the "Submission Title" on Moodle. It is your responsibility to ensure that your Student ID is correctly noted to ensure you receive the marks due to you.

• Please note if you are doing this assignment in partnership with another student it must be clear as to which sections each student has completed.

Presentation Details:

• Due to the numbers of students in the ethics class it will not be possible for all students to present in person during class contact hours.

• You are required to prepare and video record the presentation.

• The recording needs to be clear and audible.

• The opening of the presentation should include an introduction of yourself and your student number.

• The presentation should not be longer than 5 mins.

• If there are two members in the team each member needs to present.

• This is an opportunity to fine tune your presentation skills with the option of refilming.

• Your video needs to be uploaded with your paper.

• You are also required to submit a release form for your video.

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Reference no: EM13837217

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