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Under the broad umbrella of "Supply Chain Management" this individual assignment will be based around a high end global retail, fashion, or technology company in Singapore. Your task is to identify and analyse the business's global logistics, supply chain channels, sustainability throughout the value chain and the associated linkages back to the theory you are studying in LB5230 - Managing Strategic Resources and Operations.

The assignment will broadly cover the material you have studied from session six onwards (Part II of your text book) as well as, class room discussions, concepts and journal articles or other external material, you have covered in class, or as part of your individual readings.

In particular, your answer to assignment 2 will encompass the following broad themes:

• 2015 overview of the business/company selected
• Supply chain/logistics management
• Linkage between the company and LB5230 theories
• Sustainability throughout the value chain
• Strategy direction over the next decade

Reference no: EM13938139

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