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1. Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of the organisation and the environment in which it operates, including determining the competitive advantage for an organisation.

2. Identify and analyse organisational operations and responsibilities.

3. Discuss the needs of the consumer and people who work in a business.

4. Recognise a range of issues related to business and how they interlink.

You are required to survey the wider environment of any ONE of the industries listed in the Guidance Note using PESTEL framework. In doing this, you are to use only TWO out of the six PESTEL factors.

Select a current business news of your choice and use the internal and external influences of consumer behaviour to explain the events of the news. THREE internal influences and TWO external influences should be used .

Identify a current business news of your choice and explain the effects that any TWO forces out of Porter's Five Forces have had on the incident reported in the news.

Choose any ONE of the two tasks:

Identify a current business incident reported in the news that highlights the importance of building a sustainable business. Provide an explanation as to what impact you think business sustainability factors had on the incident reported.


Write a personal reflection of your experience with the use of Twitter within and without the classroom for this module. Your reflection should include the following:

• Benefits and challenges experienced .
• Recommendations as to how it can be better exploited to enhance student learning and for other academic purposes.

Choose any ONE of the two tasks:

Select a current business news story of your choice and use any TWO drivers of globalization to explain why you think the incident reported in the story was influenced by globalization.


As an entrepreneur seeking funding for a new potentially profitable business idea, you are required to develop a MINI business proposal. In order to present your idea, you are required to create a Dragons Den style pitch using a Youtube video. The video pitch should last for Five minutes and should include the following:
• Marketing Plan
• Customer & Competitor Overview

The business idea MUST include a social or environmental dimension, such as: offering employment or training to vulnerable members of the community or delivering a product or service with green credentials.


Reference no: EM131145526

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