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Organizational Development Paper

To recognize and better understand significant organizational change by examining challenges, stakeholder support and participation, communication processes, and reinforcement and stabilization relevant to, and involved in, the change.

Course Outcome:

To identify and diagnose organizational problems and opportunities in order to improve performance


Four-page paper, plus title page and bibliography.

Introduction to Assignment

Identify an organization that you are familiar with (easily searchable), and that has undergone a significant organizational change. You will describe the organization, its purpose, size, history, and other pertinent contextual information. Applying critical thinking skills, you will answer key Organizational Development (OD) questions about the change you observed, challenges associated with that change, changes in leadership, support and followership, the change in communication process, and how the change was reinforced and stabilized.


Briefly describe the organization. Include the organization's name, industry category (e.g., financial, health, manufacturing, technology, government), location (include physical and online/website locations), purpose (e.g. mission and vision), size, history (abbreviated timeline with significant benchmarks bulleted), organizational structure (e.g., flat, hierarchical, team-oriented, virtual, formal or informal).

Analyze the points below demonstrating critical thinking and reasoning; for example, explain "why" and "how" as well as describe "what" and "who."

• The observed organizational change.
• The challenges associated with the change.
• Major organization stakeholders involved in the change as leaders, champions, and followers.
• Communicating the change to the organization.
• Reinforcing and stabilizing the change in the organization.

Identify and integrate at least five OD concepts, methods, strategies, or practices in your analysis. Use bold font to highlight the concepts, methods, strategies, or practices. Demonstrate through context and/or endnotes your understanding of the terms definitions.

Paraphrase, using quotes only when the source's verbatim statements uniquely enhance meaning and understanding. Deductions will be taken when quotes are overused and found to be unnecessary. Cite in APA style.

A. Organization Selected: [name]
Location: [geographic and online]

History [bulleted timeline of significant benchmarks]
Organization structure:
B. Organization change analysis
Change observed
Challenges associated with the change
Major stakeholders involved in the change
Change communication
Change reinforcement and stabilization
C. Significant learning
D. References.

Reference no: EM131268192

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