Identify an existing job related to your field of interest

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Purpose: This assignment is designed to improve the written skills you'll need in applying for employment.

Content and Organization: This assignment consists of two documents.

1. Cover Letter:

Identify an existing job related to your field of interest. This must be a job that you would be currently qualified for. Write (but do not send) a hypothetical cover letter requesting an interview for this specific position.

A cover letter molds your prospective employer's first impression of you. To be sure you are establishing an impression of professional competence, you'll need to proofread your letter carefully. The letter must exhibit impeccable grammar, spelling, and punctuation. A sloppy cover letter is likely to discourage your reader from turning the page to view your resume.

Following the content suggestions from the lecture and various web sources. Use one of the formal letter formats suggested. Always use the name of a specific person in the inside address and in the salutation. Don't use a general phrase such as "Dear Sir" or "To Whom it May Concern." You might have to do some research to determine to whom you should address the letter.

2. Resume:

Prepare an accurate personal resume aimed at the same position. Do not use any imaginary credentials that you have not yet earned.

The resume serves as a screening device. Its main function is to attract enough attention to get you an interview. Take pains to give your resume a professional and attractive appearance.

Reference no: EM13778050

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