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As you have most likely discovered, this class emphasizes how math is used in real life situations. We will continue that theme for the Final Project where you will create a five page paper or a five slide presentation that details how you will use math in your future profession.

What to include on each slide:

Slide 1: This is your title page. Include your name, project title, the course and section number and the date.

Slide 2: Introduce your future profession by giving an overview. Explain what your future profession is, what type of job you would like to get and what responsibilities you will have. Write your overview as if you are explaining your job to someone who has no idea what you will be doing.

Slide 3: Identify a concept from the course and explain how it will be used in your profession. Give an example to illustrate the concept.

Slide 4: Identify a second concept from the course and explain how it will be used in your profession. Give an example to illustrate the concept.

Slide 5: List any resources that you used in creating your presentation. Because we are using concepts covered in class, your textbook should be included as one of your resources.

Reference no: EM131042919

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